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Always worried about your tax debt issues? Then, you need to  seek the services of the professionals who know and understand your tax problems.  TaXectera tax attorneys are your best solutions in fixing all your issues with your debt as they can give you the right advice in your objectives of removing your tax debt so you can have peace of mind and get on with your life. Your employment or business will suffer if you don’t resolve this situation. This is not the time for avoidance behavior, but to take control of the situation before it controls you.  Here are some of the things that you can expect once you take the services of tax lawyer.

Installment Agreements

 Reasonable Cause

TaXectera lawyers will help you in finding a reasonable cause for you to avail penalty abatements. They will give you insights on the legal reasons  that can be your excuse why you encounter tax penalties. The reduction of penalties is not an easy project that you can create by your own. Any wrong action might lead you to lose your chance of having tax debt relief. Therefore, the assistance of this legal professional can ensure that you are taking the right path so that you will not incur any other kinds of delay in terms of settling your tax problems.

 Legal Representations

Tax defense attorneys can also give a good legal representation. They can also help you for tax lien release as they are specially trained to handle this kind of situation. Once they begin representing you in any proceedings, you might have the chance to have a peace of mind.


Tax debt problems are known to be difficult and usually take several years to see any development. Without proper guidance and counseling from the right people, you might suffer from further problems and the worst result is that you find yourself under the trap of unmanageable debt. We work with you to determine all of the the possible remedies that you can have. Offers in compromise are a typical process that is offered to the IRS or State taxing authorities if you have the qualifications. We will never waste any chance to give the right advice so that you can capitalize on your tax debt situation.

 Offers Remedy

Tax legal representatives can offer you the kind of remedy that you need for fast settlement of your problems. They can even convert the currently not collectible and make it part of your abatement. TaXectera experts will assess your personal situation, and determine if a currently not collectible status is best at this given time. We will tell you the pros and cons of each option that you qualify for.

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Whether you are an individual, corporation, partnership or non-profit organization, we can provide you with the legal representation needed to resolve your IRS back taxes, tax disputes, wage garnishments, levies and seek a tax lien release, and will work diligently with you to establish the best resolution for your tax debt, whether it is an offer in compromise or a currently not collectible statue. Give us a call today 855-646-9570

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